Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now I'm in the Fab seat!

I give everyone I interview a chance to ask me a question or two. I figure its only right since Ive asked them a gazillion questions lol Plus it gives you guys a chance to get to know me more. Those who know me know that I'm real and I try to be as transparent as I can. I never know who I'm helping by saying whatever I'm saying lol So Lets go!
Jess Question for me:
Lol Gabby I enjoyed the interview! I'd like to know why YOU aren't up here! you are such a fashionista so fly and so confident I've always felt like this is the place for you!
My answer:
Aww Jess you always give me such great compliments! I guess I should be up there since I'm in fashion right? lol We'll for those who don't know I lost my dad my senior year. My senior year was very difficult to get through. Unlike others college & SAT'S weren't the only thing I had to focus on. Life was pretty complicated for a while. So I consulted God about taking a year off and what to do. Sure,with my grades I could've gotten a scholarship for writing and went to a university but that's not where I was lead. I wasn't emotionally ready to go to college quite yet. Fashion is so important to me, I didn't want to go to school and not be my 100% greatest. I definitely could not have handled NY then, especially with the competitive atmosphere. I wouldn't recommend a year off for everyone. Though I'm an extremely driven person I almost got pulled into a slump. It's def harder to start the college process after you've taken time off. You start working, then you got bills, then the next thing you know your working to pay off the bills! Thank God my family and Pastor didn't let me get stuck into that! But during that time off I gained my strength & inspiration back. I got the idea for my Christan T-shirt clothing line and wrote a book that will soon be published! Got my job in Corporate America that has given me skills that will def help me in the industry! Now I'm juggling school majoring in Fashion Marketing,Work,Photography, my book and a whole bunch of other things lol So now, I'm here until God says move, I'm on his plan for me and right now that's not New York! My Sister thinks I belong in NY too, but I want to be in London. If its any place that I thought I belonged it would be London. I was so in love with the art scene, the style of the people. London could def be my second home.
But Jess you never know, we may be hitting up some vintage shops in NY some time soon ;)

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