Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Style Feature: Cheakaity Brown

Ladies, it happens to us all the time. Your walking down the street and your eyes just happen to spot a really nice dressed guy. You don't know that guy from adam, but your so mesmerized by his outfit that you just cant stop staring. You have to suppress the urge to walk up to him and compliment him on his outfit. Well, it happens to me quite a bit, but in High School Cheakaity Brown was that guy. I would always spot him in the hallways dressed in a very nice fitted suit and bow tie and think who is that guy? When all the guys were pressed to rock True Religion jeans and fly kicks, Che stood out by going the complete opposite, choosing to dress classic instead of trendy. So there is no question why he is the first guy to be featured on my brand spanking New Style Feature section on my blog! Not only will I be letting you guys see more of my personal style, but I also want to showcase others. So now I leave to become Infatuated by the artist formerly known as Prince Weirdo....

Age? I am 21 years young..people say I look younger often times lol no one is ever gonna guess my real age the first time.

So Cheakaity, in your opinion what is style? Ha! This question lol...Style is whatever you want it to be! we are all little artists and creators in some way. I think style is an instinctive trait. Your instincts telling you to wear things a certain way working along side your personality and various character traits.

Who are some of your fashion icons? Good question. I like a number of different looks I draw inspiration from Johhny Depp sometimes because He's a weird mysterious type of guy (I'm that way In my mind lol)..I like some of the things Kanye West does at times. Joshua Kisi of street ettique has some cool looks.. I wouldn't say I have any actual icons tho.

Three fashion trends that you wish would go away? Good one!.. sneakers..sneakers and sneakers lol

I love the fact that I can’t put your style in one box, you put a lot of pieces uniquely together. What’s your inspiration? I'm just an artistic minded person ..I can draw inspiration from just about anything..the real magic comes when you can make it work.. I suppose I'm doing a swell job of that lol Am I?

Where are your favorite places to shop? Any thrift store...nothing exclusive...I recently Found this nice Vintage shop on U street called Dr. K's..great stuff in there.

I know that you are an avid thriftier. I applaud you on pulling it off as a really cool look. Everyone doesn’t have the “thrift eye” as I call it. A lot of people are intimidated to go thrifting. What tips would you give a first timer? "Patience Iago" lol yea just don't rush the perfect piece won't jump out at you each and every time. Also if you have a specific look in mind know what you are looking for. If you just want to adventure that's cool too.

Your dream girl would be wearing?(For some reason I think she would look like Janelle Monae =]) Hahaha I don't dream of girls lol jk I don't know she could be in sweats and a t-shirt. I will say I love a woman with her own unique style. I tend to have a weakness for ladies with long beautiful dreads or big natural hair I dont know why. All in all key word is unique.

Confession time! In high school, I had such a style crush on you. All I can remember is you in suits and bowties. I would always tell my friend, I don’t know who that guy is, but I love his style! (Hopefully I don’t sound like a stalker lol) What made you want to stray away from the Nike boots and True religions that all the other boys where wearing? Ha Ha aww gee thanks... I really wanted to dress like those guys at first lol to fit in and stuff. My Dad actually started me on that in middle school. He lectured me about giving off good impressions and protecting my image. He said that I am different from those other guys out there in the streets. He would send me of to school in dress clothes...eventually I just took that and ran with it and became the odd ball and people caught on and liked it I suppose .

How would you say your style has changed over the years? The more I learn and see things/visit different cities and meet new people, I always pick up something. Over the years I would just experiment with different color schemes,textures..pieces. Each year I take a new risk. Over the years I have picked various eras and cultures to focus on .

So not only do you have a unique flair but you also have not one, but two awesome bands. I’ve heard some of Mantra Nova’s stuff on YouTube and I have to say sir, I like. What are the differences between the two bands? Ah yes. Mantra Nova and ACME...thank you by the way... Mantra nova is sorta Like Brit-rock with African/Brazilian sounding drums.. We draw influence from Sigur Ros,Genesis,Coldplay,Queen,and U2 in no particular order. ACME is a duo Of Myself and Joshua Davis. We are producers and songwriters(we also score films ect.) We kinda stumbled our way into being a "band" . Our music is all over the place stylistically, we have no real genre. We fuse a lot of styles and play alot of different genres . ACME stands for A Company That Makes Everything. However our favorite description would be 'Rockish Jazz With Soul" .

What is your position in the band? I sing lead in both bands. In Mantra Nova I play piano and in ACME I help with the producing of songs ,play guitar,drums,bass,piano,ect. I also song write and compose for both bands.

Thank you for letting me ask you a gazillion questions! No thank you

-My Note. How cool is Cheakaity? He didn't get weirded out by my style crush confession and gave me great answers! I had so much fun doing this interview and even learned a lil sumthin sumthin lol I respect him as an artist, because the same way I am with fashion he is with music. Hes very devoted to his craft. Che is also really nice because this feature was done a lil while ago but me and sickness have been in a long battle so I haven't had the time to work on it. So thanks Love for the patience! Please check out his music and follow him on twitter. @MantraNova and @PrinceWeirdo

How Im feeling

Waiting for you to drop out the sky...

I think we all have that one thing were waiting for. It may be Mr. or Mrs.Right, a job opportunity, self acceptance, maybe even a family member to get off drugs. You may be like me, and some moments or experiences have passed you by. Your just standing there,waiting for that little joy cloud to rain down on you something beautiful. I'm definitely playing the waiting game with God. I'm waiting for some things to come back to me, some parts of me to come back to me, some opportunities to come forward, and some rain to wash away all these dag on things that need to be paid. I'm waiting for the things I never had while appreciating what I do. But I would be lying to say that waiting isn't frustrating, especially when you've been waiting as long as I have. I know what it feels like to pray for something, for years even, and to still feel like that dag on thing in stuck in lay way heaven. I'm like God how many payments do you need! *shakes hands*lol I'm getting more into my Bible more. I guess it would surprise most that as spiritual as I am I don't know that bible like I should. In fact I'm still trying to memorize all the books of the bible.(Real moment) But I digress... I'm reading 1 Kings Chapter 17 .I actually learned about this story when I had to teach it to the kids at church. Its about Elijah, a prophet. God told him to go and hide and Elijah did. I love this because I don't know many, not even me ,who would just go hide in the woods without food or water and just chill lol. But Elijah did, and God blessed his obedience by making sure he was taking care of. The ravens feed him bread everyday, which is crazy because ravens are scavengers, they take food but they don't give it up. Elijah also had a brook to drink water from. As you read on into 1Kings you ll see that Elijah had to do a lot of hiding, but he would go where God would tell him and just wait. He didn't move until God told him to, he just waited for further instruction. Playing the waiting game is frustrating, but I'm going to draw strength from this story and know that whatever I'm waiting on is worth waiting for. Ive come too far to not get my gift from lay way ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I promise I wont do another rant about how much I love J.Monae.*Pinky promises* But I will say I love her on this cover of Honey Magazine. Honey Magazine was like the shizz a few years ago. I think its the only black fashion and lifestyle publication that I've liked just as much as Vogue or Elle. Actually I would say I like them a teensy weensy bit more. Sadly, their publication was put to a holt. I guess people were too stupid to see the genius that layed on those pages and didn't but the mag enough. I was upset. The fashion spreads were bananas! I have cherished my sisters old Honey mags as collectibles. To my surprise, I have found out that Honey Magazine has been revived, but now as a online publication.*claps hands* I'm so excited about this! The economy is ruff and I applaud Honey for finding a way to still deliver their greatness. Though I wish the mag came delivered to my door( I like to rip out the pictures) I can settle for the online edition.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick as a Poodle

I've been sick. So sick Ive been missing Zumba. So sick Ive had to take off work. So sick that I couldn't blog. It makes me upset because besides me feeling awful and not getting a chance to shake my money maker at Zumba, I have a really dope post for you guys that I wanted to share. Something I have been working on for a while. I'm starting to feel better and back at work, lets pray that it stays that way. Soon you'll be able to see what Gabby f baby has been up to. (P.S you can soooo get me that Hello Kitty Tissue cover to make me feel better =])

Lunch Swagg

I kept saying to myself last week "When I get paid I'm treating myself to Cosi" I work downtown, D.C and always end up paying alot for lunch because, well its downtown lol So some may wince at paying 10$ for a salad, I just shrug. I don't like it but Ive gotten use to it. Last week I decided to save my moolah and bring in lunch. Its wasn't that bad. I liked having my lunch in the fridge and not walking a block or two to get it. But this week is a different week, and I wanted my high priced salad lol I actually cut down cost this time by cutting out my extras. I didn't feel like stopping at the vendor to get a soda so I decided to try the Raspberry Mojito Lemonade.....I feel in love. Its so good! I kept sipping it as I walked back to the building lol Needless to say this combo was so good I had to repeat it today.(In the brown bag is the yummy mulitgrain bread)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dope or Nope?

So what do you guys think of the Star Wars & Adidas team up?
Dope or Nope? Chris brezzy recently tweeted the Storm trooper Addias with removable tongue (pic #7 ) with the caption "Can I moon walk". When I first saw them in the packaging I thought maybe he got them from Japan, because Bathing Apes did similar packaging with its Marvel line. I'm kind of on the fence. I think its a way to make Star Wars fans feel cool, and a way to make some good money. Those SW fans run deep, which equal deep pockets! lol I like the storm trooper shoes, it will take the right person to rock them right though. I also like the colorful storm trooper sweatshirt. Other than that, I don't think the line was needed. What do you think? Dope or Nope? Comment Below