Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GStyle's take on the VMA's!

Go lover! Kelly looks Ah-Mazing!

The definition of a hot mess.

This looks like Rainbow, Toys r us, and all of Lady Gaga's old costumes threw up on Nicki Minaj. Sometimes you can try to be so different, that it ends up being ugly.

I love that suit on Pitbull and his dates pop of color looks great next to his all black.

There are no words.

What I appreciate about Katy Perry is that shes fun, creative and playful. What I don't appreciate is this outfit. I hate the hair color and I hate this outift. Her own hubby is outshining her in a cool rock glam inspired look.

I usually love the Joe Bros London inspired and tailored style. When they broke up, did they break up with their stylist too? This oufit is all over the place! I miss the amazing tailoring.

I almost died when one of my friends on twitter said that Bey and Jays baby is the most anticipated baby since Jesus lol I love my King Bey! Shes always giving me life with her outfits. It hurts to say this but..I hate Beys dress. Just because your prego doesn't mean you have to give up all that fierceness. When your momma is the fab Tina Knowles, you should be the best dressed pregnant woman on earth!

I'm tired of Adele dressing like a grandma. Her voice is hotter than her clothing choices. *Sends fashionistas to her house a.s.a.p*

Busta Bust...why? just why? I need the Busta Rhymes from the 90's to come back and make an appearance, because this ain't working.

Its not that Demi looks bad, its that she looks artificial.

No Selena! No! Without the train, it would look much better. But since it does....

Selena beau Justin was more on point. I love his YSL pin and the leopard sneakers. I wish he would've ditched the glasses though.

Neyo was a complete WIN! For the night. I love his textures and color combinations. A+++

Is this outfit a WOW? not really, but I'm just glad to see Pete Wentz look a little more like, well Pete Wentz.

Looks like that injury gave Jessie J too time on her hands. With a be dazzler nearby she definitely found a way to entertain herself. But, I loved her outfit on stage, and I give the girl credit for jazzing up the crutches and boot.

Simplistic but cute, I think Ambs looks great in this!

This really aged Miley. Love the top of it, just wished the bottom would've been different. Maybe it would've looked better with beachy wavy curls.

Zoe is too gorgeous to be looking a crack head! Outfit reboot!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Its Me, Not You

Usually when people say this the other person really does feel like its them lol But the reason why I haven't been blogging really is because of me. My life has just been soooo busy! Things have really been picking up with My book King Charlie(, I'm back doing my internship, and my weekends has stayed packed with fun people. I barely have time to sleep let alone blog. But I miss you guys so much and now that I have a milli second of downtime I'm going to give Fashion Insomnia some good lovin ;)

So I know your like whats with the Minnie Mouse Ears? No, I'm not trying to channel Rhianna from the So hard video lol Its what I wore to my first face painting gig! I did a B-day party for one of my favorite little girls! I was debating on what to do with my face and that's when my sister reminded me about my Minnie Mouse ears that my dad got for me sooooo long ago. Im so glad I kept them! I think I make a pretty cute Minnie!

-Fiercely Yours, Gabby a.k.a Gstyle