About Me

I am the fashionista with a bad case of insomnia. In the night I give birth to the most creative,inspiring, and thought provoking things. This blog is where I put them.
I dream of owning one of the sickest stores to ever live. I go to art school for Fashion Marketing to make this dream happen.
I spend more time with kids than I do people my own age because I love being a mentor.
Every time I blink I see a picture so I finally picked up a camera to capture what I see. Ive just started my journey on showing these pictures to the world.
In my mind lives different stories, many just happen to be my own experiences. God took that and made a great book called King Charlie! I'm now writing the sequel.
Out of everything in life there;s a few things I want. My first is to please God and show his light as I make it in the fashion industry. Two is to buy my Mom a room full or Giuseppe's and my sister a pink Ferrari. Three is to be successful & leave the world better than I left it.

Hopefully I can do it all while wearing spiked 6 inch pumps.

-Fiercely Yours, Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle

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