Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweet dreams(Or thoughts)

WOW I'm just thinking about how amazing Life is and how good God is.Background:So i'm sitting here talking to my lovely friend about sum issues she was havin and giving her advice. Shes just telling me how hard it is for her to overcome some things and how she just cant stop doing stuff!The way she was talking it was if she was a leaper, alone in the world with this crazy diease.Then I told her how I struggle with stuff too and how I try to pray every morning to have stregnth to stay away from them.It was just up this morning I was asking God to help me stay stable in the changes i've made and to have more strength to make new changes that im too scared to make. The whole convo just showed much how even though we think we're so different were so much alike.
I may wake up in Africa and you may wake up in Hong Kong. I may ride a bus to school while you may walk.I may go to buy my food from the grocery store and your grocery store can be in youre back yard. whatever the case,Everyone in the world is struggling with something. where all linked together trying to fight off our demons daily and win the victory. Each day is a new chapter in our book and no matter how different the cover, we all have the same Theme.
Ive never thought about life like that,everyone in the world waking up with a similar agenda.God has really made this world cool. The blessing is we have help everyday to get us out of bed. Ive had time where ive been at school and was like i dont even know how i got here! lol answer:Gods grace."No matter if you feel alone, everyones struggling, just call on JC for strength"-Gatsby

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nightmare 1:Facebook and Hot kicks

The Kicks
There Canal street AF1 and theyre sooo hot. FYI canal street is a street in New York where vendors sell not off everything,from Gucci to prada.As you see the shoe has every print from Coach to Chanel.At first a hated them cuz i hate nothing more than a label whore but when I found out what Canal street really was, I saw them as art. You have to have creativty to think of something like this.
So I'm on face book & I got an epiphany of some sorts: I see that everyone has like a million pictures. Its facebook so of course right. We put tons of pictures of us doing nothing, Like eating french fries, shopping, our 4th of july outift. We post all these statuses tailing our every movement. "Gatsby is showering" "Gatsby is at the doctors". Like anyone really cares that you took a shower? You should be taking a shower, its a daily routine! But i digress...I said all that to say we do all these things, create "interesting statuses" and put up crazy pictures, all to prove to people that our life is great. True you are just keeping people up to date but there can be another side.Have you ever thought about it? Why else do you have to let peopleevery time you're partying.A part of you does so that people can look with some sort of awe of jelaousy(Depinding on the person lol). But what is a picture? it can say a thousand words but not paint reality. Aside from cool pictures and fun stats what is life really for you? When you turn the monitor off are you going off to do a business deal? Are you creating a bussines plan for your life? Do you spend time with God healing yourself and stopping destrcutive habits. Facebook can make anyone depressed if you dont have it going on in the way that matters most to ppl(how many times you hangout,what you wear hanging out, how baaaad you are). But what makes me joyous is that even though I may not have 1000,000 pics of me puking in cancun, or shopping in L.A, im making moves in my life that are setting me up to have a bomb future. What matters most are the moves thats made unseen. Isnt it spelndid? The seeds that are unseen are reaping a harvest of accomplishments that will be seen-Gatsby

Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome to my nightmare

It is truly the thing that keeps me up at night and my worst habit. I'm addicted to thinking and most of the time about Fashion. The way a garment moves keeps me up trying to replicate it. The things I see on the everyday keeps me up analyzing it. How in the world did Christian Loubotini create such a luscious stiletto that makes me craaaave it every time I see a pair? Why in the world are 14 year old kids cussing out old people in the family dollar? When i should be asleep i'm thinking,always trying to find a soulution to make the world better. Whether that be making the hottest zebra multi color print bubble skirt or telling the girl on the coner about God. Its all the same and I wear my Insomnia like a badge.