Monday, February 28, 2011

Molly Ringwold is my cousin, twice removed

I love Vintage and Retro t-shirts. My sis first inspired my love for them when she bought me a bunch of them for my 13th birthday(or 12th? lol). It takes a lot to find the really cool ones and it sucks that their usually so expensive. If I had some extra cash laying around, I would buy all of the t-shirts above. You probably noticed that majority of those tees have to deal with the 80's. Though I was born in the 90's, I'm definitely a 80's baby at heart .Pretty Pink is one of my favorite movies and like the shirt says, I would have definitely picked Ducky. Its a movie I can relate to, and I love duckies shoes! I've even tried looking for a pair. Molly Ringwold is my girl, any movie that shes in I love it. If it wasn't for my sis I would have known nothing about these awesome movies, these awesome TV shows, and awesome t-shirts. side note: How hot is Jhonny Deep in that Cry Baby t-shirt. Maybe I will be getting some tee's sooner than I thought....

Best Oscar looks go to *drumroll*

Mila Kunis & Jennifer Hudson!!! The are the only two looks I loved from the Oscars. Everyone else disappointed me miserably. I mean where were the WOW gowns with icy jewels to match? I guess the usual standout stars got tired of well standing out because they were no where to be found! I guess 2011 was the year for them to take the background and let Mila & Jenn shine. Though I think J.hudd has lost too much weight, she kills in this Versace gown! The color is perfect on her skin tone and the lip color was very pretty. The accessories, perfect! Mila Kunis in Elle Saab was heavenly. I love the way the gown is a little sexy and really soft. How great is that lilac color against her dark hair? The gown also photographed great from every angle. Both of these gals have always been gorgeous, but never known for style. I guess times are changing...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Revenge of the Goldfish" Sandy Skoglund's 1981

I saw this in a feature of the WMATA Express paper. It captivated me. Its a real photograph. Nothings been digitally inserted, no photoshop magican has worked his(or her) magic to make this shot come to life. When I see this, I think of how many Goldfish my parents flushed down the toilet to keep me from knowing that I killed them lol. I always overfed them for some reason, but I didn't know that then because my Dad would keep buying new ones to replace the ones they had to flush lol I'm really into photography and I'm so excited that this piece will be featured an exhibit nearby. The National Museum of Women In the Arts is showcasing :Eye Wonder:Photography From the Bank of America Collection." The exhibit is made up of more than 100 works of contemporary photography by female artists from 1865 to 2004. *Sorry I just died for a second* This is complete heaven for me. Not only will I be surrounded by breathtaking photos, but they ALL have been shot by women. Yep definitely in Heaven. I'm taking one of my friends and family prisoner and booking down to see this a.s.a.p. You should too. Admission is only 10.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All Virgins dont wear Knee Highs

I love this model. Number One:She GORGEOUS. Number two: She can model her butt off. That chick literally talks with her eyes. Number Three:Shes a Virgin. Or at least she was until she recently got married. *Stop the presses* How can that Sex Bomb who is oozes seduction from her pores be a virgin? Case in point. Every virgin doesn't wear knee highs, long skirts and look frumpy.
Adriana Lima didn't get her first kiss until he was 17 . She's a devout Catholic who attends church every Sunday. In April 2006, she told GQ that she was a virgin "Sex is for after marriage.They [men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me." She is also known for taking a Bible backstage to read at shows. Though some religious people may judge her because shes a Victoria Secret model and takes some sexy shots. I applaud her for holding to her morals in a world where sex,drugs, and alcohol reign supreme. When I found this out this glamazon still had her vcard, I was surprised and proud. I have always looked at her in the catalogs like omg, this girl is beautiful. Look at her eyes! But when I found out she was a virgin it made me feel empowered.
Like Adriana, I'm saving myself for marriage because of religious and personal reasons.
It made me feel good to see a beautiful, sexy and successful virgin. Media portrays us as dowdy, ugly, and uncool. I think its good for young girls to see that being a virgin is cool and you can still be sexy without having sex. Just be confident, and the fact that your not letting everybody between your legs show you respect yourself. Now I'm not bashing people who are not virgins, please don't take this post that way. I just want to dispel the myth that you have to look a certain way or be a certain way to be a virgin. Nowadays, saying that your waiting for marriage is like saying you have the plague. Sometimes you want to keep the fact that you haven't swiped your vcard a secret. But no! Be proud of that and Be stylish. I ain't rocking no Knee Highs. Adriana Lima isn't either

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fitteds Dont Fit Me

I have always liked looking at unique fitteds. I thought whenever I have that "special" Valentine or guy I would get him a really unique fitted with something to match. I've had yet to use my awesome gift idea on someone. But who knows,maybe my future boyfriend's birthday will be in a few months lol It wasn't until I took a trip to the mall with my cousin that I thought about coping a fitted for myself. I love a good hair accessory. I'm very much so known for always having something in my hair. Bows and flowers are my weakness, and everybody from the mail man at my job to the little kids at church know this lol Those I work pretty well, but I never been able to rock the fitted. How do I have "the face" to cut all my hair off and wear a dudes haircut(a la amber rose) but cant rock a cap? I digress....Back to the story. Cuzzo is new to town and he's looking for a cap store because I told him he needs new ones. We find one in the mall and I'm chilling back, letting him do his thing....then I feast my eyes on the Tokidoki/Marvel & Hello Kitty fitteds above. The sales woman must have noticed me salivating over them so she rushes right over and starts laying them out. I'm so excited! There so hot! Oh my luck! yaddah yaddah yah...Then I look in the mirror. *sighs* I looked butch.I'd just cut my hair in this curly mohawk and with the hat I looked like a chick who likes chicks lol I took it off and put it back on hoping for a different result, no bueno. My hand struggled to put the hats back on the rack. "Maybe with longer hair." I said to the sales woman. She agreed. She had long hair too. If only I could look like the chick above.*Kayne shrug* Since I'm growing my hair out, maybe Ill be able to achieve the gangsta pretty mamacita look soon lol or maybe not. Either way, I can work the heck out of a bow ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corinne Stevie does Monae

I've fallen in love with this Artist because she painted my girl Janelle Monae! The first two are the paintings by Miss Corrine, the last picture is the real shot. Its actually four in the collection, a la Warhol style, but I wasn't able to find the other two. Its probably a good thing because I've been so obsessed with Monae lately. lol I don't think its any other chick I've been this excited since Chyna the wrestler(tween days). I take that back.there's a lot of women I admire but Janelle's the only one I would proudly wear on a shirt(I will be getting one of those soon) I'm scared to think of how I would react if I met her. lol I don't know if I could do the whole play down my excitement thing & act all nonchalant. I would force her to take a gazillion pictures then persuade her to be my best friend, take me on tours, teach me how to tightrope and let me style her.*trying to end my crazy fan rant* This panting is dope & so is Monae.

Talent doesnt know dress sizes

This spread in V magazine is so old. But Its still Gangsta. These chicks put in work!

Couldnt get any betta

Monday, February 7, 2011

Prada Spring 2011 Ready to Wear

I told you so. Mixing patterns is definitely going to be this springs biggest trend. I've been seeing seeing it all the runways. Rachael Roy gave us a preview and Prada Brought it on home. Aside from the bold prints and patterns, I love the 20's inspired Josephine Baker hair. I also love Miuccia's take on Minimalism, pairing black dresses with colorful and striped furs. All solids are another one of the trends I'm predicting. Look at the bright orange suit! Ladies and Gents it is an art to mixing patterns and layering bold colors. Have fun with the trend! But be careful, because the wrong pair of shorts in the wrong color can change this look from fab to clownish!