Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Oscar looks go to *drumroll*

Mila Kunis & Jennifer Hudson!!! The are the only two looks I loved from the Oscars. Everyone else disappointed me miserably. I mean where were the WOW gowns with icy jewels to match? I guess the usual standout stars got tired of well standing out because they were no where to be found! I guess 2011 was the year for them to take the background and let Mila & Jenn shine. Though I think J.hudd has lost too much weight, she kills in this Versace gown! The color is perfect on her skin tone and the lip color was very pretty. The accessories, perfect! Mila Kunis in Elle Saab was heavenly. I love the way the gown is a little sexy and really soft. How great is that lilac color against her dark hair? The gown also photographed great from every angle. Both of these gals have always been gorgeous, but never known for style. I guess times are changing...

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