Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fitteds Dont Fit Me

I have always liked looking at unique fitteds. I thought whenever I have that "special" Valentine or guy I would get him a really unique fitted with something to match. I've had yet to use my awesome gift idea on someone. But who knows,maybe my future boyfriend's birthday will be in a few months lol It wasn't until I took a trip to the mall with my cousin that I thought about coping a fitted for myself. I love a good hair accessory. I'm very much so known for always having something in my hair. Bows and flowers are my weakness, and everybody from the mail man at my job to the little kids at church know this lol Those I work pretty well, but I never been able to rock the fitted. How do I have "the face" to cut all my hair off and wear a dudes haircut(a la amber rose) but cant rock a cap? I digress....Back to the story. Cuzzo is new to town and he's looking for a cap store because I told him he needs new ones. We find one in the mall and I'm chilling back, letting him do his thing....then I feast my eyes on the Tokidoki/Marvel & Hello Kitty fitteds above. The sales woman must have noticed me salivating over them so she rushes right over and starts laying them out. I'm so excited! There so hot! Oh my luck! yaddah yaddah yah...Then I look in the mirror. *sighs* I looked butch.I'd just cut my hair in this curly mohawk and with the hat I looked like a chick who likes chicks lol I took it off and put it back on hoping for a different result, no bueno. My hand struggled to put the hats back on the rack. "Maybe with longer hair." I said to the sales woman. She agreed. She had long hair too. If only I could look like the chick above.*Kayne shrug* Since I'm growing my hair out, maybe Ill be able to achieve the gangsta pretty mamacita look soon lol or maybe not. Either way, I can work the heck out of a bow ;)

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