Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Revenge of the Goldfish" Sandy Skoglund's 1981

I saw this in a feature of the WMATA Express paper. It captivated me. Its a real photograph. Nothings been digitally inserted, no photoshop magican has worked his(or her) magic to make this shot come to life. When I see this, I think of how many Goldfish my parents flushed down the toilet to keep me from knowing that I killed them lol. I always overfed them for some reason, but I didn't know that then because my Dad would keep buying new ones to replace the ones they had to flush lol I'm really into photography and I'm so excited that this piece will be featured an exhibit nearby. The National Museum of Women In the Arts is showcasing :Eye Wonder:Photography From the Bank of America Collection." The exhibit is made up of more than 100 works of contemporary photography by female artists from 1865 to 2004. *Sorry I just died for a second* This is complete heaven for me. Not only will I be surrounded by breathtaking photos, but they ALL have been shot by women. Yep definitely in Heaven. I'm taking one of my friends and family prisoner and booking down to see this a.s.a.p. You should too. Admission is only 10.

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