Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corinne Stevie does Monae

I've fallen in love with this Artist because she painted my girl Janelle Monae! The first two are the paintings by Miss Corrine, the last picture is the real shot. Its actually four in the collection, a la Warhol style, but I wasn't able to find the other two. Its probably a good thing because I've been so obsessed with Monae lately. lol I don't think its any other chick I've been this excited since Chyna the wrestler(tween days). I take that back.there's a lot of women I admire but Janelle's the only one I would proudly wear on a shirt(I will be getting one of those soon) I'm scared to think of how I would react if I met her. lol I don't know if I could do the whole play down my excitement thing & act all nonchalant. I would force her to take a gazillion pictures then persuade her to be my best friend, take me on tours, teach me how to tightrope and let me style her.*trying to end my crazy fan rant* This panting is dope & so is Monae.

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