Monday, February 28, 2011

Molly Ringwold is my cousin, twice removed

I love Vintage and Retro t-shirts. My sis first inspired my love for them when she bought me a bunch of them for my 13th birthday(or 12th? lol). It takes a lot to find the really cool ones and it sucks that their usually so expensive. If I had some extra cash laying around, I would buy all of the t-shirts above. You probably noticed that majority of those tees have to deal with the 80's. Though I was born in the 90's, I'm definitely a 80's baby at heart .Pretty Pink is one of my favorite movies and like the shirt says, I would have definitely picked Ducky. Its a movie I can relate to, and I love duckies shoes! I've even tried looking for a pair. Molly Ringwold is my girl, any movie that shes in I love it. If it wasn't for my sis I would have known nothing about these awesome movies, these awesome TV shows, and awesome t-shirts. side note: How hot is Jhonny Deep in that Cry Baby t-shirt. Maybe I will be getting some tee's sooner than I thought....

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