Friday, October 29, 2010

Im delirious....this is deliriousness at its finest.

its 2:10. im incredibly tired. i was suppouse to put up fashion stuff here but instead im going to put up books by a great authour named Gordan Korman. Hes books are pretty genius. i like the voice and the creativity of Jake invented,a modern take on The Great Gatsby, my fav book shocked me, here are my favs from him.Hopefully i can force myself to go to bed. fashion posts coming soon

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look Ma! No Hair!

So with all the new exciting things in my life i decided to pick up my blog again =] Not really concerened with the followers, although Gabby f. baby does like that. But with everything happening so fast, when i get downtime its great to look back and reminicse. So first things first.....I cut my hair!!! It was a rash & great decison. Ive always been known for my hair whether it be her it be about my long or short, and it was cool having random ppl stop you and ask you a million questions. Most of the time ppl were amazed that i would dye it so many colors,( purple, green,blue, red,pink) without using any kind of track, & as well as the texture. Ive been blessed with thick hair, and long( before i cut it) so ive never had to rely on fake hair to execute my vision. I usually switch my hair styles like switch my undies. But it got to a point where it became my identity. I would feel depressed if i didnt have that fresh cut! and thought i wasnt beautiful without my golden locks. So i cut it off. I challenged myself to love myself whether it looked good or not. I cant lie, i was worried to death i would be fugly, but i didnt want what others would think to hold me captive to not making a decision i wanted to make. *Tune in the clippers* Now im all Natural, with a curly mohawk and a killer shape up. I now get rest, can swim without worrying about my color, and go on rollercoaster rides without worrying about my hair(though i still dont think ill be hoping on any one of those soon) Plus! I still get so many compliments, if not more! So many women say that their inspired by me, especially plus size women like myself who think they have to hide behind their hair. But ladies, with my strut and cut, i get way more looks when i pass by : Lesson learned:Its always good to evolve your look....