Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Style Fatale

Another thing that GStyle has been up too is a new button earring line!!!

   The idea to create these were birthed out of a problem! Since my hair has grown, its been hard to find earrings that my hair doesn't eat up and hide lol I'm a huge lover of button earrings! I think that they are timeless and so chic! But it was difficult  to find them in stores in the larger sizes or in really unique prints. I even went on, a site known for handmade goodies, and while searching the idea came to mind....

                          Why don't I just make them myself?!?!

      I thought I was crazy at first! I've made clothing, purses, even pajamas!  But never in my life did I ever think I would want to create accessories. I ran the idea pass my mom and sis and they were so positive and encouraging! So I worked really hard to get supplies,fabric, and all the numerous things needed to start a business. In two months, I opened up my own etsy shop!! 

                   Its called Style Fatale for all the ladies who kill it with style! 

Here are a few pieces from my line

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