Friday, September 2, 2011

Its Me, Not You

Usually when people say this the other person really does feel like its them lol But the reason why I haven't been blogging really is because of me. My life has just been soooo busy! Things have really been picking up with My book King Charlie(, I'm back doing my internship, and my weekends has stayed packed with fun people. I barely have time to sleep let alone blog. But I miss you guys so much and now that I have a milli second of downtime I'm going to give Fashion Insomnia some good lovin ;)

So I know your like whats with the Minnie Mouse Ears? No, I'm not trying to channel Rhianna from the So hard video lol Its what I wore to my first face painting gig! I did a B-day party for one of my favorite little girls! I was debating on what to do with my face and that's when my sister reminded me about my Minnie Mouse ears that my dad got for me sooooo long ago. Im so glad I kept them! I think I make a pretty cute Minnie!

-Fiercely Yours, Gabby a.k.a Gstyle

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