Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I promise I wont do another rant about how much I love J.Monae.*Pinky promises* But I will say I love her on this cover of Honey Magazine. Honey Magazine was like the shizz a few years ago. I think its the only black fashion and lifestyle publication that I've liked just as much as Vogue or Elle. Actually I would say I like them a teensy weensy bit more. Sadly, their publication was put to a holt. I guess people were too stupid to see the genius that layed on those pages and didn't but the mag enough. I was upset. The fashion spreads were bananas! I have cherished my sisters old Honey mags as collectibles. To my surprise, I have found out that Honey Magazine has been revived, but now as a online publication.*claps hands* I'm so excited about this! The economy is ruff and I applaud Honey for finding a way to still deliver their greatness. Though I wish the mag came delivered to my door( I like to rip out the pictures) I can settle for the online edition.


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