Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch Swagg

I kept saying to myself last week "When I get paid I'm treating myself to Cosi" I work downtown, D.C and always end up paying alot for lunch because, well its downtown lol So some may wince at paying 10$ for a salad, I just shrug. I don't like it but Ive gotten use to it. Last week I decided to save my moolah and bring in lunch. Its wasn't that bad. I liked having my lunch in the fridge and not walking a block or two to get it. But this week is a different week, and I wanted my high priced salad lol I actually cut down cost this time by cutting out my extras. I didn't feel like stopping at the vendor to get a soda so I decided to try the Raspberry Mojito Lemonade.....I feel in love. Its so good! I kept sipping it as I walked back to the building lol Needless to say this combo was so good I had to repeat it today.(In the brown bag is the yummy mulitgrain bread)

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