Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waiting for you to drop out the sky...

I think we all have that one thing were waiting for. It may be Mr. or Mrs.Right, a job opportunity, self acceptance, maybe even a family member to get off drugs. You may be like me, and some moments or experiences have passed you by. Your just standing there,waiting for that little joy cloud to rain down on you something beautiful. I'm definitely playing the waiting game with God. I'm waiting for some things to come back to me, some parts of me to come back to me, some opportunities to come forward, and some rain to wash away all these dag on things that need to be paid. I'm waiting for the things I never had while appreciating what I do. But I would be lying to say that waiting isn't frustrating, especially when you've been waiting as long as I have. I know what it feels like to pray for something, for years even, and to still feel like that dag on thing in stuck in lay way heaven. I'm like God how many payments do you need! *shakes hands*lol I'm getting more into my Bible more. I guess it would surprise most that as spiritual as I am I don't know that bible like I should. In fact I'm still trying to memorize all the books of the bible.(Real moment) But I digress... I'm reading 1 Kings Chapter 17 .I actually learned about this story when I had to teach it to the kids at church. Its about Elijah, a prophet. God told him to go and hide and Elijah did. I love this because I don't know many, not even me ,who would just go hide in the woods without food or water and just chill lol. But Elijah did, and God blessed his obedience by making sure he was taking care of. The ravens feed him bread everyday, which is crazy because ravens are scavengers, they take food but they don't give it up. Elijah also had a brook to drink water from. As you read on into 1Kings you ll see that Elijah had to do a lot of hiding, but he would go where God would tell him and just wait. He didn't move until God told him to, he just waited for further instruction. Playing the waiting game is frustrating, but I'm going to draw strength from this story and know that whatever I'm waiting on is worth waiting for. Ive come too far to not get my gift from lay way ;)

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