Monday, January 10, 2011

So....sometimes I miss my Luscious Locks

Thick Beautiful Sexy,Edgy were all words used to describe my killer hair. It spiked, it layed with such gloss and sheen that would blind someone eyes. oh how I miss thee! I have post on here about when I first cut my hair on here, and how liberating it was, and it still is its just sometimes I miss my rainbow streaked, full hair. This grow out has been a bear and now I have to cut it some to even it out from the curly natural Mohawk Ive been wearing! But with all that being said, I still love being natural. I love the way my hair curls when water hits it, i love it when people are shocked that I don't have a texturizer in it, I love that people have to fight off the urge to run their fingers through it, or just ask me to do it anyway. I really do love my hair, and though my permed hair was awesome, I'm ready for this natural stage in my life.Sure I have to use TOTALLY different products that everyone else uses but its been a blast finding all these products that I never knew existed. The grow out period is killing me some, but I love that the beautiful curls growing out my scalp is all mine! When its starts growing out more, it will all be worth it!!!


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