Thursday, January 27, 2011

Im still in love with you.(Boys Edition)

Yes, this is old news, Depending on if your a fashion person or not. If your not, the Christian Louboutin men spiked shoe collection is new news. This was Louboutins first ever mens collection. I cant tell you how excited I was when I heard this news (last year lol). I fell even more in love with the idea when I saw those baby's above. My sister knows I LOVE spikes!! Anything spiked! The more sharp the spike the better! Oh my, do I sound crazy? But really I love these shoes, I would wear everyone of them, especially the oxfords. I tend to gravitate towards mens kicks & t-shirts way more that womans. I cant help the fact that I go hard *kayne shrug* lol A lot of celebrities from Swizz Beatz to Chris Brezzy has copped these and been seen around town rocking them, But to me it takes a special type of guy to FULLY rock these. The kind of guy who would be confident even in k-mart sneakers. Dont let the shoe wear you, wear the shoe and leave swag with every step!-Young Gatsby!

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