Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I hope Ms.Knowles doesnt mind....

I edited this picture to describe just how I've been feeling lately. Fierce, because my M.A.C collection is increasing and i've been beating the face everyday! lol My hello Kitty bags and new hair accessories make me feel good too and also.....overwhelmed. Ive had to juggle and work so hard these last few weeks. Ive been making big girl decisions on the latest project Ive been working on. Thank God i have mi famila but I've been grinding pretty hard. I really pray all this hard work will be worth it, i hope ppl feel what im doing, i hope it will take a life of its own and reach people all over the world. Who knew this required so much work? lol So i know your annoyed at me talking about something i haven't let you in on yet but be patient honey bees, you'll see soon! I need to get use to this though because when i have my empire ill be running harder than this.
Ive learned thus far,

1.get use to running on no sleep
2.get use to making tough decisions fast
3.ALWAYS check your email
5.ALWAYS have your phone
6.Prayer is ESSENTIAL in any business. Not only do you receive guidance when making decisions but you need Gods strength when week.
7.Never shun other peoples advice
8.Don't think you know it all, you don't
9.Sometimes your gonna have to make some sacrifices to benefit your audience
10. It takes Money to make money
11.Prayer is ESSENTIAL to keeping you sane!!

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