Thursday, January 20, 2011


I hate when i get things wrong at work. ugh! I've been trying so hard but i still mess up. One mistake is a big mistake their, and one mistake for me is something big. I feel so sad when someones caught a error like my whole day is sucky. maybe its because this is something i haven't yet fully conquered. I'm use to conquering everything, well except math. Then i worry will i make these mistakes when im interning at a fashion house? when im doing my own business? One small oversight makes you look like your stupid. Its like somehow I keep missing a step. Its even harder when you keep trying and trying and you still come up a bit short. ugh.................... feeling pretty suck right about now. Prayerfully i can be mistake free =[--Okay looking at the last thing I said, that was stupid lol you can never be mistake free. my sis made em feel better =]

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