Friday, January 21, 2011


I feel good, really good. Better than I have in a while. A lot of that is because of this fast I'm finishing up on. If you read this blog I'm pretty sure you've figured out I am a Christian and I'm pretty down with G-O-D. Whats fasting? Fasting is withstanding from something,i.e food, TV, chocolate, basically whatever means alot to you for a period of time. Why?The purpose is to use the sacrifice to glorify God and get closer to him. How? Everyone Fast differently, there are different types of fast. Some people do just one day fast, some people fast for months, or a year. Its a very personal decision, thats between you and God. Also When you Fast your not suppose to tell everyone that your fasting for them to have pity on you, lol keep it between you & God(something Ive gotten better on) lol. I did a 21 day fast last year beginning at Jan 1st from sweets, red meat, excluded tv for a certain time during the day, soda, and some other things. It was the best thing I ever done!! It gave me guidance on that year, I felt spiritually stronger and the Idea of my Christan Clothing Line was given unto me!
This year I did the same thing, though i was hesitant because of laziness lol My fast focused moreso around sweets because I gotten out of control with how much of it i was eating, Sodas because I Love soda, and Making sure I spent an hour away from the tv,using that time to spend with God. I made it a point to read a women's daily bread kind of book. Whats that?For those not familiar with Daily Bread its a free book you can order in the mail that has daily scripture with explanation of that scripture. During my fast I had a lot of stressful things happen, but God kept me! My trust in him was renewed. Ive had so much happen in my life, that now I always expect the worst. Now im praying and trusting instead of having anxiety and worrying. I talk to him more easily and freely. Ive also stop comparing myself spiritually to others. I use to make myself feel bad if i thought i should be where other ppl are. Now Im chilling where God wants me to be. I got my stride back, my song back, and my peace. I still have ALOT to work on with God but I'm getting there, and that's all he can ask of me

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