Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not so Gaga over Gaga?

Is it just me, or does EVERYONE else who covers Gaga's songs are better than her. I will give her one golden star for writing the songs but, i seem to like Greysons', Mika's, and Glees(not shown on my blog) Versions Better. So I'll give her another golden star for being unique and different, yaddah yadahh yadahh. But putting a cross on your vee jay jay, is NOT cool with me no matter what the cause-so negative gold star.But I digress....I like it more when other people sing her songs. When I hear hers I'm like what?=[ Maybe she should be a songwriter? *Shields face from stones that Gaga fans are throwing a me write now* Soory "little monsters" by the way stupid name, GaGa doesnt not give me Life.

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