Monday, January 24, 2011

D&G Fall Menswear Collection

Stefano Gabbana & Domencio Dolce must really love Mickey Mouse & Coco-cola lol I LOVE Menswear, sometimes i think i love it better than Womenswear though I am a woman lol Its just something about a beautiful suit that has the right fit. I adore Fit. Thats something that can make a basic pair of black slacks make someone look like a million bucks. When a mans cut is right, fit is right....I go crazy. I can always spot when that's off. Dolce & Gabbana, along with Dsqaured2 make some of the most immaculate suits! But as usual I digress...
I don't know what to think of D&G's fall collection. They're ALWAYS very interesting, I mean have you seen their ads? But this was collection was very fun, very urban, young and whimsical. I guess as a designer you get so stressed out that you just want to do a fun collection, and that's exactly what they did. The lowrise drop crotch& skinny throughout the leg pant was used in most if not all of the looks. The pairing of high tops and suits was sexy. I like putting kicks and combat boots with formal pieces.The coco-cola and mickey made you smile. Even if you dont like the clothes at least they were completely innovative with the coco-cola jacket and mickey prints. But I do wonder if any of guys I know would wear any one these complete looks? Guys do you like the kicks? Would you rock anything from this line-up for the fall? Ladies would you like your guy in any one of the outfits? Depending on the Guy I would mix & match alot of these items.

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