Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Lil Sexiness to end my Insomnia

Who Im crushing on. His Name is Steph Jones and he sings the uber hot single out right now "Bea-utiful" and he did a pretty unique rendition of Little drummer boy song- go check both on youtube because Im pretty sure youll be seeing a lot More of this fella. I love his look! hes so interestingly goregous Every picture I see him in he looks different! Maybe its because hes mixed with so many things! Everybody's tryna get their time to shine! lol Now, Ive never been a girl whose been pressed to date someone who was mixed. Yall know those people! If they see one strand on your hair curling up "What you mixed with!" lol Ive def encountered them. But every race that makes up this boys D-N-A makes him truly B-E-A utiful! Word on the street is that hes Jordin Sparks bf, well if he is i'm happy for her! Im saving myself for marriage too and it shows that you dont have to be giving it up to everybody to get a great guy. and judging from his tweets, he seems like a funny, Godly, cool one. Go to to read his amazing story.

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