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Will these streets make you feel brand new?

I've known Jessica W since middle school! Even then she was always driven, resourceful, and knew how to edit a paper! Not only did she proofread the heck outta my class assignments in 7th grade,she also did during our senior yr in Newspaper! lol So I'm not surprised that she made the very daring move to go to school in New York. What a way to begin the rest of your life! I wanted to find out what was it like to go to school in New York for those who are thinking about making the same decision Jessica did. Don't be afraid of the length of this interview! Her answers will make you laugh and leave you intrigued...


So Jess what made you decide to go to school in New York?:
It's really funny, I've been saying I'm going to live in New York since I was little. I'd tell my mom "I'm moving to NY when i grow up!!!" I mean of course all I really had knowledge of then was all the lights and excitement that come with it so I had no real reason to. But as I got older and realized my love for music and speaking/writing, I realized I want to be a music industry publicist, so it only makes sense for me to go to school in New York City. And my mother supports me in what I want, so it worked out!

What college do you go to and why did you pick it?:
I attend St. John's University. I chose St. John's for two main reasons: the convenience factor (it's located in the borough of Queens which is 40 minutes outside of Manhattan via public transit, however i now live on the Manhattan campus in Tribeca.) and also, because they offered me a partial scholarship that other schools I applied to in the NYC area didn't! I also really liked the diversity I noticed St. John's has. There is such a large concentration of every race and nationality here, it's beautiful! Especially coming from Prince George's County, MD where it's a little less ethnically diverse!

What are you majoring in?:
I'm majoring in Public Relations.

Do you regret your choice of school?:
Not at all. I love my school. Funny you ask, if this interview would have been held this time last year, I would have responded differently! I was still in transition mode and dealing with how different it is up here!

Biggest adjustment?:
oh man, a few things! for starters, the difference in public transportation! on the good side, it runs all hours in the city unlike home! But it's so dirty! and the buses are so weird, you can't use dollars, if you don't have a MTA card you have to use loose change! I'm still not used to that! In reference to college life in general, probably having to share space with others! particularly the bathroom! I'm really not used to that!

Do have a horror story about New York like everyone else?:
This could have happened anywhere, but there are few things I've encountered! One time I was on the subway coming from a comedy club at like 1AM, and a guy was (as usual) trying to sell people things on the train. New Yorkers typically ignore, and that's one characteristic that I've (not even intentionally) adopted to....I used to be so nice when it comes to stuff like that but it happens so frequently that I look at them like they're crazy now! lol but he got so heated that no one would buy from him he started going crazy cussing saying things like "I'm bout to ROB ALL YALL MOTHER FUCKERS"!!!" and luckily it was my stop!!! i don't even know what happened next! I was just trying to get out of there!I also have had a bad experience with a guy that I gave my number to in the city that I had to have his number blocked because he turned out to be crazy! That's never happened to me at home so sometimes I am kind of biased towards NY guys! lol

What are the no-no's of the Big Apple?:
Like any metropolitan area, don't be in the sketchiest part of town at 2 in the morning lol! There are parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and queens i would NEVER venture into after a certain time! Also, separate your money. Like when I'm on the street and I see something I want, I'll have like 5 dollars in one pocket, 10 in the other, and like the rest in my bag, so I can pretend that's all the money I have and they'll bargain with me! It works! I've gotten someone to sell me some speakers that were supposed to be 90 for 30 because I told him that was all I had! Also, don't walk around like you don't have nowhere to go, because people will run you over. It will be like 10 at night on a damn Tuesday, people in suits will be running you over in the subway station. When I first got here, I'd be like where the hell are you GOING?! not to your 9-5! Chill! But I've gotten so used to it lol

What are the things you love most about going to school in NY?:
Oh man, that I'm literally in the middle of all the exciting things that go on in New York City! Especially since I actually live in Manhattan this year, I live in walking distance from SoHo, so I've spotted people! I saw Anne Hathaway (from Princess diaries) in the grocery store right next door to me! Saw Cassie on Fashion night out, met Chris Brown in SoHo, and it's like they're everyday people up here. I also just love the city scene. I also get to attend the events! I went to Fashion Night Out this year, and also had the privilege of helping out and attending Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, which was truly an experience! But sometimes I just walk the city with no intentions on doing anything. It just feels great to be apart of it.

How different are the boys? Is there a better selection than the DMV(D.C, Maryland, Virginia)?:
Well there definitely is more variety! It's so cool to depart from the monotony of the DMV, so many locals! (so many of the guys have the same swag) and don't get me wrong I love guys from home, but sometimes you want to see something different! I'm for the most part attracted to black guys, and it's so funny because most of them here aren't even just your typical American black like they are at home. Most of the black people in NY are west Indian or African, but especially west Indian! It's so funny because most of the guys are one extreme or the other. They're either super friendly and nice, or come off pretty arrogant!

Where are the best places to shop(clothing wise)? Describe some of the current trends going on there:
The best places are comparable to those at home, there's just more of them and huger stores! Alot of the girls here love H&M and Forever 21 just like the girls at home! I don't shop at those stores much though, my favorite stores are vintage shops, such as Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, or Buffalo Exchange, or even literal stores! I'll go all the way to the Bronx for a bomb thrift! I'm noticing a trend between two distinctly different styles. With the more girly girls, they like the knee-high boots, over sized (harem like) pants, trench coats, rompers (body suits), and things like that. With the more vintage style, alot of people are loving lace up boots, or just boyish looking, industrial boots (i have so many pair lol), flannel, leggings or ultra skinny jeans, things like that!

What’s the party scene like?:
I've only partied in Manhattan twice since I've been in college because it's pretty expensive and party-wise, Manhattan really is geared toward the 21 and over crowd! However I have partied in Queens and Brooklyn, and it's pretty fun! NY lovessss reggae, that's sometimes I never liked too much but i mean it's straight, it's starting to grow on me now! You'll notice at the parties there will be such a mix! lots of white people, lots of black people, lots of latinos people, it's so nice seeing everyone in unity having fun! Last weekend I went to a bar in Queens and it was crazy! they let girls dance on the bar it was so wild! but i had such a good time!

What advice would you give to graduating seniors who are thinking about making NY their temporary home for the next four years?:
over everything, make sure your grades are bomb so you can get a good scholarship because there is NO SUCH THING as a cheap school or place to live in NYC! unless you plan on going to CUNY (city college of NY) which are the community colleges, the schools are maddddd money so be ready for it! And everything is more expensive here, even McDonalds!

Funniest College story so far?:
Probably my first time actually indulging in alcohol, you know what they say, bad choices make great stories! That's so true! It was this time last year actually I was so drunk, My friend has a video of my rolling around the floor acting so crazy, my roommates were drunk it was just such a crazy night!

What have you learned the most about yourself since you’ve began college?:
The thing my mother has always told me I need to learn: that I don't need 2938305832048032 friends! In high school, i had so many "friends" i had so many "close friends" so many "best friends" and it's funny because in college, you would never guess I messed with soooooooooo many people so heavy in high school because up here i don't hang tight with NO ONE! Plentyyyyy of associates and people I'm cool with, but that's about it! I'm still pretty close to my roommate from last year, and I have one other friend that's from here I'm pretty close with, but I do me most of the time. I worry about me and my own advancement! However I am still very close with 5 or 6 of my high school friends, but I have, (and am) falling off with some, but I'm not worried about it anymore. I've gotten much closer to my family, both biological and extended, I've learned how to prioritize better. I'd say I learned what's really important.

Has your style changed from High school to College? Has New York played a part in that?:
This is too funny, because my style has changed drastically since I departed high school. It's funny though because I wouldn't even say I have one set style. Even on my tumblr, it says "I'm not a fan of monotony, and I don't have a set style." Because I don't. One day you may see me with a flannel or a denim button up, and some industrial boots. two days later, I'll have on a blazer! I'll literally go from one extreme to the other and think nothing of it. My style has changed in the fact that I've become so much more experimental. One thing that hasn't changed is i never let having my size 16 frame stop me!

-My note. I could not have kicked off my New Interview segment with a better person! I didnt have to worry about how she was gonna answer the questions, shes already hip to this process. Jess got this joint done in a day! lol I know shes gonna have an amazing career! Shes one of the few people whose writing I respect. Get that paper JWash!!

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