Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Im not, What Fashion Isnt

Im not one of those people who say they love fashion and just put a whole bunch of pictures up on a blog. No Fashion is seriously my life. I feel like anybody can post some random pictures,anyone can buy a pair of Louboutin but im the girl who checks out all the collections and does her research of both present day and past fashion. I eat this stuff for breakfast. Those Kind of ppl who think that by wearing man bags, shopping at H&M and Zara, wear 6 inch heels,reading Gq's and Vogue, means that there a fashionisto or fashionista annoy me to the fullest. The fashion world isn't everyone just sitting around picking out clothes and sewing on sequins, you have to be smart man and have tough skin. You have to be innovative when people tear your stuff to shreds and you gotta come sup with a new idea in seconds Fashion is alot of work, alot of hustle and you have to really love this. Its no different than being a football player, singer or artist. We work at what we do, it takes practice and skill. Michael Jordan didnt wake up at 30 and say "Hey I think I want to be the Greatest Basketball player of all time. I think i'll start today." No he was putting in work when he learned how to dribble a ball. There's so many poseurs, who "look the part" but dont know a dag on thing! Like dude, how you love fashion and the only designers you know are the ones mentioned in rap songs? fail! lol I pity the fool whose up against me lol Im serious about my craft and enjoy educating those who are serious too. Many ppl have underestimated my ability, guess I didn't "Look the part." Where are they now? Yeah I don't know either but there not besides me. =]

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