Thursday, January 27, 2011

Louboutin You be killin em...

So this post is for my ladies! Below this post you'll find the guys version and the fact the I'm in love with SPIKES!!!!! Sharp spikes to be exact. Not those baby spikes! They remind me of those safety scissors you use to give you in kindergarten. If its spiked, I'll probably love it just like I love these. I would rock these yrs from now, because to me Punk is never dead. Random:I have a bad habit of correcting people when they say Louboutin wrong or any designer wrong for that matter. I've always felt like if you don't know a designers name don't try to pronounce it. I always fear I'll look stupid, so I stick with what I know until i find out more. Ive picked up alot from my teacher in Intro to Fashion marketing =]

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