Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dont let the cute face fool ya

Suzy Rock!I love this chick. I mean she is nasssssty, in the good way lol I first heard her on Lecrae-Battle Song and she killed it. I love her voice! It reminds me of a female lil wayne as far as her tone. She sings too!Anyways after hearing her spit and seeing her perform I had to put in some work and see about her. Her website reads:

"Raised in a struggling environment on the northside of Tulsa, Oklahoma Suzy developed a love for music at an early age. Separated from God at that time Suzy began to pursue a desire for the art of Hip Hop, which would soon become her outlet or what she considered an escape from the unhappiness and disappointments she faced at the time. It wasn' t until she was drawn to Christ by God (John 6:44) at the age of 14 and experienced the Power of God working within her that she received the Gift of SALVATION AND ETERNAL REDEMPTION. Now 23 Suzy Rock shares the heart of God as revealed through His holy scriptures in effort to communicate to her culture who God our creator is and His expectations of believers as well as unbelievers. Music is now the vehicle that God has blessed Suzy with to drive the Gospel of Christ to the world."

I love her song So what and Im really digging this chick, she really held her own with Lecrae and I adore chicks that go hard like my girl Janelle Monae. Cant wait to hear more from her

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  1. That's what's up, I just heard that song Battle Song too, she and Lecrae go hard for Christ. I love their zeal and faith to keep on. Have you listened to Lecrae and Suzy Rock on his Church Clothes album yet? The song is called No Regrets, and there she's singing and her voice makes that track flow alongside the truth Lecrae is spitting. Also, check out Lecrae ft Suzy Rock in Fuego