Monday, June 20, 2011

Sugar Let Me Upgrade Ya

I recently went shopping with my little brother and while I was in the dressing room he was putting together an outfit for one of his friends. I walked out the room looking for him and find him with this uber cute outfit. "Hey Gab, whatcha think?" He asks. I was shocked. It was really cute. I told him I couldn't believe he put together something so nice. He replied "I have good taste in women, so I know what I want to see them in." Although I laughed at this 15 yr old making such a statement, I had to admit it was some truth to it.

That's one of the very reasons why I have Sugar Let me Upgrade Ya, a mans takes on women's style. Ladies, I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two from Tyrell. I picked Ty not just because hes uber stylish, funny, or can dance his butt off. But also because hes very honest. As women, we have a bad rep for not really wanting to know "if we look fat in these jeans"lol But I think its always refreshing to hear a mans take on women's style. Lets read how Ty breaks it down...

Perfect First date outfit?
It all depends on where we are going, but it never hurts to wear any color skinny jean with a nice heel or wedge. You have to compliment it with the right blouse; purse, earrings, necklace, bracelets, and you can never go wrong with a nice lip gloss the same shade of your lips.

Sneakers or heels? Why?
It depends on the outfit. Majority of the time, I would rather a girl wear a heel or a wedge because it just seems little dressier and a little more mature, like you know how to handle business. You know you look good without having to say it. It shows more confidence. Sneakers are fine too but girls depend on Jordan’s too much. Sometimes trying to wear it with t shirts, they look basic and it can be unattractive.

Any chick can look bad as hell in …
Short shorts, like booty shorts that fit their body right and a white button up. Like its very nice simple look that can compliment anything. You have to have on the right shoes though. And if the girl is self conscious about like her body and doesn’t feel good in short shorts, then a boy friend jean would be even better.

What should every girl have in her closet?
Every girl should have tan, olive green, burgundy pants in her closet. She should have acid washed jeans, dark denim, regular denim, and black jeans. Boy friend jeans and short shorts. Loose oversized button ups, crop t shirts, lots of purses, lots of shoes for any occasion. Printed tights that would go perfectly with shorts, or a skirt. I think just a variety of outfits are what counts, don’t e afraid to mix it up a little.

Five things a girl should never wear?
Snapbacks, Aeropastle, Pastry sneakers, Baby Phat and or Baby girl t shirts, rope chains.

A girl is sexiest when she…
Has on little make up and she has on like some bad heels with like some high waist pants or shorts. With a button up tied right below her breast exposing little skin. Her accessories have to be on point and her hair has to be on point as well. That’s like legit sex.

Are you turned off or turned on by the ultra short spandex dress trend?
No I think every girl should have one to like throw on for the club one day. If they have a entire collection of those things then I just shake my head. It all depends on your body type. Like if you do not have curves then do not put on that dress you look like a board and you are setting yourself up for failure. What pisses me off is the fact girls wear it, and then they all have on that same heel with the wedge in the front they got from bakers, like step your game up if you are going to try to follow a trend.

What do you wish, style wise, most women would embrace?
I just wish girls would be more original when it comes to their looks and or their “style” because there is nothing I respect more than originality. When girls go shopping for something that they saw someone else wear it’s like “Hey why are you trying to copy it” do something different and stand out instead of following trends.

What’s the perfect finisher to an amazing outfit?
Accessories are a girl’s best friend as well as dudes. Accessories can make or break an outfit and if you do not have the right ones to hook it up then you might as well not even bother getting dressed. For example a girl can just have on a white t shirt instead of putting on leggings, but on a dark denim skinny jean, instead of putting on a sandal put on some clogs, do not reach for an over the shoulder bag. Go for an over sized purse the same color as your shoe or part of your shoe. Throw on like an oversized denim button up to dress up your look, and a large necklace to take away from your white t shirt. Match it up with some earring and a bracelet and you have a nice outfit.

Some style icons that you think women could take a few pointers from and why?
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen can dress, like even though they haven’t been in the news or on the television screen, they have been on their grind working on their fashion line, they deserve some respect.
Lady Gaga is very strange but she owns it. I wouldn’t say take after her more extreme looks but her heel game is on point, and when she dresses more on the medium level she looks very nice.
I love how Solange dresses it’s like Urbanized hipster its cute, its calm and she owns it.

GStyles Note: "That’s like legit sex." I loved when he said that lol So Ladies, if you didn't know, now you do. Tyrell really broke it down! I think its amazing that as women that we don't think that guys are paying attention. We don't ask them about our outfits because we probably think their either going to be mean or want us look like a hooker. lol I think if you have some flyy guys around you like Ty, ask away! You may learn something ;)

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