Monday, June 20, 2011

The Adventures Of GStyle: Senior Prom

I said in an earlier post I wanted to include you guys more in on my life and I said I'll try to take more pics of my outfits. I have been trying...and failing lol Sorry guys, once I come home from school or work, Gabby is taking a nap or watching some TV lol But this weekend I made a conscience effort to take pics of my weekend. So though you may not see my everyday outfits, you ll see the reason why I don't have any time to take daily outfits lol I decided to go by a number system. The description will follow the number on the pictures. Enjoy!

So this Friday my church had a Senior Prom! We do it every year and its always so nice. Our seniors get down on the dance floor! Don't let the walker fool you! lol I am on this committee in my church where we do very youthful events for are very young seniors. I always enjoy serving and seeing them enjoy there selves so much

1. I loved my moms dress! The color fade was so pretty! My mom is one of those people who pull out something fab and say. "Oh, this old thing?" lol

2. I have this thing with deer. Every time I see one I make my sister suffer through one of my many tangents on how we are taking their homeland and now they have no place to go and no food etc. I hate when I see skinny deer. This one was outside the window eating and he was fat! Yay! lol He liked me because he only turned around for my camera! I love this shot

3. I spray painted this anchor and helped with a lot of the decorations. Because of my creativity, I'm usually the one to make props for the sets and painting all kinds of things. I did a really cool mural for last years prom.

4. I found that treasure chest and coins in a random box and decided to use it for decoration. The theme was "Sea of Love." So the seniors were on like a cruise ship. Too bad it rained all on my coins.

5. I wish you could see all the stars that make up this dress! The waist has a black bow. I love this dress, but I wish it photographed better. Another lady on the committee jumped in the picture. If only she weren't wearing gloves...

6. A shot of my fab sister! Only a slice of me! lol I wish I was better at taking these kind of shots. Maybe its because I have short arms lol Words cant express how much I love her! People now say we look alike because of our glasses and we both recently went natural.

7. Can you see the stars now? Me, at the end of the night finally getting a chance to sit down. I look so tired, and I really was. We been there since and didnt leave until 1:00 a.m. All in all, It was still a good night!

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