Monday, June 27, 2011

My Worst Looks of The Night:Bet Awards

No I was not feeling Chris equestrian pants, nor the multiple oneseises he was rocking,
*sighs* Really? moving on...

This dress is all wrong. I hate that the mesh insert doesn't blend into her skin.
Wiz and Amber are the new odd couple. Ambs hanging on Wiz just looks sad. Whats even sadder? That catsuit. Amber, how many times are we gonna rock the catsuit? Time for a change and better branding.
This dress did nothing for Meagan. Too much volume, too much layers, and it needs color. No, she needs a different dress.

Miguel...Miguel. Where is the guy in the all I want is you video? He actually looked semi cute in that video. I wish he would cut off the mohawk and stop cutting the sleeves off of everything.

The fit is all wrong..and so is that hair.
Nicki, I couldve almost been good with the dress because I loved the solid color hair. But then you put unnecessary tights with it! Epic Fail!
I'm a little perturbed that Chris decided to go so casual for the awards show.
Estelle use to have fly hair and style... in this picture I don't see remnants of either.
Ashanti, this isn't prom.

Drake just looks all wrong from the shirt to the shoes. The beard and hair combo ain't working either. How do you make so much money and look so bad?Whatever stylist convinced Lloyd that this outfit was acceptable, deserves a good slap.

-Fiercely Yours, Gabby a.k.a Gstyle


  1. This post is frickin hilarious!! There was so much bad fashion at the Awards. Some were dressed for a gala, while others looked super casual. Tragedy. And what was Debra Lee wearing?! Yikes.


  2. lol court! Yes debra lee looked a hot mess! Laurie ann did too, I just couldnt find a pic of her