Monday, June 27, 2011

The Adventures Of Gstyle: Job Photoshoot job decided to have a random photo shoot lol I was to help assist the photographer. I spent the day scheduling photo shoots and running around D.C in heels. Everyone was to come up with their own concept, etc. At first, I had a lot of elaborate concepts that only I would think of lol After talking with my sis, I decided to bring it down a notch. I had a few things planned but was tired that day and decided to just include our company mag in a lot of my pictures. I also wanted to take a few shots with my sissy. The pics came out ok. *Kayne shrug* I hate the fact that the lighting didn't show me and my sis really defined curls. My hair kind of looks like a helmet lol Still, its very rare that someone is taking pictures of me instead of me always taking pictures of others.
Tip for my short gals: Just because your not supermodel tall doesn't mean you cant work your gams! I tend to wear things shorter because it makes your legs look longer. Though heels do the job too, shorten that hem line when your wearing flats. Also don't forget that Naomi walk! *snaps*
-Fiercely Yours, Gabby a.k.a GStyle

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