Monday, February 20, 2012

Honey Let Me Upgrade Ya

I am very excited to present my latest edition of Honey Let Me Upgrade Ya, a man's take on women's style. I always love to read the answers I get from the guys I interview. I'm always on the hunt for cool guys for each segment, and this time my quest lead me to Jonathan Ralph Fritschi. Not only is he easy on the eyes but he has the leading role on Dream: The Urban Musical, a web drama. 

Lets see what this triple threat has to say about women's style!


                                                     Tell me a little bit about you:
      I was born October 28th. I’m from Queens New York but I now live in Atlanta. I am a actor, singer, dancer, choreographer. I am Colombian and I’m currently working on a couple of different BIG projects so look out for me!

How did you land the starring role in Theshay West Dream: the Urban Musical? 
I landed the starring role in Dream because well, Theshay contacted me and I auditioned for him over the phone and sang something, he liked it and he already knew I could dance and act. So it was literally a month later we were on set work
                         What do you love most about being a part of this project? 
The thing I like the most about this project is the cast and crew. I absolutely love each and every one of them. They know hot to make you feel better when you are going through something. I love them crazy fools. But as far as the end result, I just love how its real life situations that people can relate to.
                                 Is there anything that you can relate to with your character? 
     I can relate to my character a lot actually. Same name even though we spell it differently lol He's a dancer, I'm a dancer. He's always in a sticky situation...and well although I try to avoid happens lol
                                                     Perfect First date outfit?
              Perfect first date outfit? Depends on where we are going! Don’t wear heels if we are going rock climbing for our first date lol! It all depends...whatever it is, just make sure it’s nice enough to not scare away your date... but not tooooooooo nice so that you can keep impressing. You don’t pull out your BEST outfit on the first date. You’ll set the bar too high, and then you can’t keep up lol. Plus for a guy, if you are toooo well put together we get distracted. A first date should be about getting to know each other lol

                                                      Sneakers or heels? Why?
      :) Ummmm I LOVE a girl that can look sexy as hell in some sneakers or combat boots BUT heels are a must. Cant show up to an industry party without heels! lol The ability to rock sneakers in the day and heels at night is a REQUIREMENT for me. Lol

                    How important is a girl’s style when it comes to attracting you?
      A girls style is very important just like a guys is to women . We have to be able to complement each other. It’s not the only thing I look at when dating but it does help a lot!

                 Short spandex dresses and six inch heels, a Turn On or Turn Off?
           LMAO!! Depends on the body type!!!! But assuming that it’s a nice short dress that compliments your shape and it looks classy, THEN TURN ON ... if it looks wretched..... and well you know lol then TURN OFF...look for nearest exit

Keep your eye on this up and coming star! Be Sure to check out Dream: The Urban Musical

-Fiercely Yours, Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle


  1. I am a subscriber to Dream the web show and I've had the pleasure of seeing Jon and the rest of the LadyKillers perform live and I must say he is amazing! Such talent and style! Gotta love him!

  2. Aww the lil freshman in my orchestra has grown... Cool beans... so talented since back then