Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Adventures of GStyle:Lets Go Downtown

I was so happy to find a free day this week to take a trip downtown and just have some fun! I miss working down there among all the hustle and bussle, yummy food spots and museums. I enjoyed  a car ride with my sissy and then started my day. Very rarely do i wear my lipsticks but I decided to rock my purple lips and curly updo. The lips are even more violet in person! Fierce!

Started my day at Au Bon Pain! The perk of working for a corporate office is that we got breakfast leftovers for conferences all the time. I miss those perks lol I got sausage, egg and cheese on bagel, Hawaiian Punch from the vendor, and a fashion mag from home.  Match made in heaven!

After yummy breakfast and fashion trends I, hopped on train and spent they day hitting up some the mall. I found some great finds that I have to post later! After that I went back downtown and shared some laughs with my sissy on her lunch break. Then had to hop BACK on the train to meet my mom for ice cream. Great day!

I'm a sucka for combat boots! They make me feel so sexy! I don't know if that's odd lol but I feel so kickass!My sis got me these a week ago and I needed to break them in. Wish I would've gotten a pic of my outfit, black leggings, black puff sleeve sweater dress.

-Fiercely Yours, Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle

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