Thursday, February 16, 2012

GStyle's Grammy Review!

I don't know who this chick is or why she stripped Big Bird of his feathers.

I loved her dress, it was so gorg. I do wish her hair was long and flowly.

Caution: Hot mess walking in tacky heels.

Rick Ross you are not the boss in this get-up. Looks like he stopped by the Grammys after dropping his son off at little league practice.

I think I was the only one who thought Rhi Rhi looked like a crack head.  I love the dress, but the hair kills it for me. 
The embarrassment that is Nicki Minaj was the Worst Dressed of the night, and that's bad because I have quite a few offenders. Even with the Versace emblem and red color, this ain't hot!

You cant be on the fashion police and be a fashion criminal! The grey hair needs to go and the dress was sooo flat.

I think Katy was trying to channel her smurf character.

The epitome of an Epic Fail.

Ok, so I would've L-O-V-E-D Fergie's dress, if she would've went with nude undergarments. The black underneath destroys the beauty of the dress.

Coco spent tooo much time at Hollywood Tans! Her hair looked uber fried. Coco is sooo sweet, I hate to talk to her but....this is your worse look boo.

This dress was to die for!  I loved the way it hung and sparkled! So pretty.

It was a win until we got to them ankles! lol I loved Bruno Mars gold jacket during his performance though.

I really liked this yellow dress on Amber. It was sexy but appropriate. I think that's the best Wiz has looked in a bit.

Swizz was the Best Dressed Man of the night! The purple tux & bowtie was so hot! He even out shined his home wrecker of a wife. Don't worry, I'm throwing him shade too lol

The dress was more emmy than grammys. I know this chick got a lot of hits for the machine gun arm but I really liked it! lol I'm a suckery for machinery.

Bon Iver def got his suit from the thrift store. His outfit was even more uncomfrontable than his acceptance speech.

Common was sooo under dressed, especially to be a presenter.

-Fiercely Yours, Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle

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