Saturday, December 31, 2011

How It all ends...

Don't worry, I'm not shutting down Fashion Insomnia anytime soon! lol But its an end to the year 2011! I'm excited for the year 2012, there's so many things that I'm expecting God to do and so many opportunities coming my way. SOOO many people are posting their year in pictures or doing a recap but I wanted to do something fun! I want to end the year with 10 facts about me!

1. I am addicted to this stuff! I have to have lip balm on me at all times, like I freak out in my lips are dry. I can have 5 different lips balms on me at any given time. Its essential!

2. Every woman has a girl crush, that chick that you just love and admire. Janelle Monae is mine! I love her style, I love her music, shes gorgeous, and I love how shes so confident and on stage. She jusr goes for it. Shes fearless!

3. I can face paint! I was asked to do face painting for a birthday party and aside from doing it at my churches huge cookout, I hadn't had much experience. But, turns out I'm pretty good at it. Another side hustle added to the list.
4. I don't talk about my writing that much on my blog but for those who are new, I'm an AUTHOR!! King Charlie is my first book in the series. I'm currently writing the follow up. Visit to find out more.

5. I love smoothies the way people love coffee. This is my favorite! I get it from a smoothie stand in a small a little ways from my house. The flavor is strawberry banana with tapioca balls. If I was on death row, this would be my drink for my last meal lol and no I don't have a heart tat, i just like to draw on myself(another fact)

6. This is extremely embarrassing lol But at night I get extremely goofy. I'm already silly enough but when nighttime falls and I'm really tired, I get a bit wacky. This was at 3 in the morning and I decided to make up an alter ego. Meet Kitty Trilla, a glam gangsta girl lol

7. If I'm doing face shots, I do this pose alot lol Its when I'm feeling myself. Another fact is that I love huge hair. The bigger the better.

8. I despise, and I mean despise the feeling of stockings! and Velvet! Yeah, I have a weired thing with textures lol Its a love hate relationship. I like the look of fishnets and patterned tights but I hate the feeling. I can go bare leg in the winter and be content.

9. I love to customize my clothing. These Draven sneakers were all black when I bought them and I decided to add some splatter paint and switch the laces. I love making things me!

10. I have theme music lol Seriously though, I have music that I walk to on my ipod. I have to have bangin beats & lyrics proclaiming how dope you are. I will stop wherever I'm going if my song isn't right and change it. I like to feel inspired when I walk lol

Well here are 10 facts about me! Happy New Year!
-Fiercely Yours, Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle


  1. now following u back love!! I LOVE big hair as well!!