Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Dont you Come on Over Valerie...

I was working at a hair salon when I first saw her on a mag. I thought, who is this chick with this beehive hair and cat winged eyes? I read the article about her tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend and thought this girl is bizarre! It wasn't until I heard Rehab that I saw her insanity was brilliance. I made everyone listen to it. It should've been a crime for me to hit the replay button as much as I did. When she sung, it was like her soul was literally spilling out. I was in deep love with her voice. I have a thing for unique voices. Next, I became in deep love with everything about her. Suddenly the beehive hair made sense, it was iconic. I didn't care how big it got or how sometimes it looked like a birds nest. I just shrugged "That's Amy."
To think, I was just about to put Valerie as my ringtone.
Why does addiction play demon to so many stars. I hated the fact that Amy's addiction became bigger than her voice. Her voice became overshadowed by her un-kept appearance, her rapid weight loss, and those dirty pink ballet flats. She had the magic! She had it! I'm sad that Amy Winehouse is gone. I'm sad that I wont get to hear her sing anything new. But I'm even sadder to see addiction take another life. To die at 27, I wish Amy had seen better days. Had a journey. Won the fight.
To you Amy. You will be missed

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