Monday, July 11, 2011

The Adventures of GStyle:My 4th! South Carolina

This post is full of pictures from my trip to South Carolina for the Fourth of July!
I cant believe I didn't take a picture of my real boot from the ER but this one is pretty close to what I had to wear. The story: After spending hours of shopping prepping for the trip, I woke up a few hours later ready to leave. The only is problem is I couldn't walk! It hurt to put pressure on my left foot! After much prayer, we decided to push on and go to the ER once we got down there. I'm glad because the ER down there was nothing like how it is in my area, they took me right away, great attitude, and I was out in 30 minutes. Even though it felt like I broke something, I only had soft tissue swelling. Thank the Lord!
Me and my sister, went out to find some things to do. First up, the movies! I was told that it lights up at night. I found it odd that you have to buy your tickets outside before you go in.
Would you think it was crazy that this was my first time eating at five guys?

I was tooo excited to eat! lol I was starving!

My partner in crime! How cute are her shades?

After the movie, we decided to go to the Tangar Outlet. I thought it would be some real cheesy stuff in there but this outlet was the truth. BCBG,GAP,Nine West,Lucky Brand jeans! It had everything! We were in love!
I went to Claire's to see if I could find some cute shades like my sisters Donna Karen ones. Unfortunately...I only stumbled upon these lol
These shoes were so much cuter off than on lol
Quetta got a great deal on these Birkenstocks
This orange romper is sooo me! Love it with some really cute wedges. Found this baby at the GAP Outlet

Adored this jacket at BCBG!
Ready to go after some light shopping
I was able to stuff my bags in my Hello Kitty bag lol
So later on that night I got a bit loopy. I get a bit silly when I'm really tired. I was up helping my Aunt make decorations for the big cookout tomorrow, but I really wanted a nap! Decided to make my streamers into a Jimi Hendrix Headband lol Cant quite tell you why I was making that face though lol

Up and ready for the big cookout! They do it so big down here. White tents, lots of food, Dj, and everything. There were so many people! I loved that it was right next door.
My mom and sissy at the cookout!
I decided to be very casual for the fourth. I had a very cute outfit centered around these great heels but...foot switched my plans. Though, I didn't mind, I was just happy to be able to walk and not hobble. AE shirt and Faith21 shorts
Quetta looked so cute! I love her pants!
I cant tell you how much happiness the local sonic brought me on this trip lol I know that sounds so fat but I was so pressed to have one right down the street. Mozzy sticks, sundaes, we had it all!

My trip was very fun! I enjoyed all the little fun moments about it. Like me and my sis rendezvous to Sonic & Walgreen's lol Watching movies with my Uncle. I watch the most scariest things when I'm down there than I do all year. My uncle loooves scary stuff! I was also happy to hip him to Teen Wolf. The hospitality was wonderful and my Aunt and Uncle crack me up! Overall it was much fun!

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