Monday, July 11, 2011

I Know that You Like My Style:Cortnie

I know you guys remember the great style feature on Cheakity Brown. I had to bring that magic back. I love style and I'm not so into mine that I dont notice when other people have great style. Don't you hate when your rocking something cute and someone stares you down but doesn't compliment? Its like really, just go on and say girl you look cute! lol I've never been one of those people and I consider this feature to be one big ol compliment. I have officially dubbed it, I Know that You Like My Style. So here's to Cortnie, the fab chica on this feature. Hey Cort! I like your style ;)

Name: Cortnie Elizabeth

Age: 27

What is style? Style is what you make it! It’s a reflection of who you are and everyone has it. Some just know how to express it better than others. The beauty of it is that it’s not permanent. We can change it whenever we want. It evolves just as we do.

How would you define your own style? Casual chic, I guess. I love oversized sweaters (I’m known to buy men’s sweaters too), skinny jeans, ballet flats or knee boots and a gauzy scarf in the cooler seasons and a maxi skirt/dress or cut-offs and a loose-fitting v-neck tee with anything but your average flip-flops when it’s warmer.

Are you a budget Fashionista or do you tend to go for more high fashion items? I definitely don’t shop like I’m on a budget, but I don’t go out looking for t-shirts that will cost me $300 either. I like nice things that are of good quality and I don’t mind paying for something that will last me for years. If I find something I really like and it’s a bit pricey, I’ll usually stalk it until it goes on sale or something. Which also means trying to find it in other places/websites to compare prices and promotions. Yes, it gets pretty serious.

Where do you usually shop? Anyone that actually reads my blog posts could probably answer this for you (lol). I’m in love with just about anything J.Crew comes out with. Their knits are amazing and the accessories are too cute to pass up. Anthropologie is another fave. They have such an eclectic mix of everything and you probably won’t find their stuff anywhere else. The Gap, BCBG Max Azria and Nordstrom are also places I like to shop, but I’m a huge online shopper. There’s just something about that box that gets delivered to you. It’s like getting presents (that you paid for)! Shopbop is one of my favorite websites. New pieces are posted daily.

What do you think of the turban trend? It’s not for me. A lot of people wear it for religious purposes, so to wear it for fun just seems a little weird. I have seen some girls rock the heck out of the trend though.

What will be your staples for the summer? It gets pretty hot here so I plan on living in dresses and skirts most of the time. J.Crew’s chino shorts will be perfect for when I don’t feel like wearing them.

What trends will you rock? I try not to be too trendy, but it’s kind of hard not to. I’m loving colored denim right now. Pastels and neutral colors, stripes are ALWAYS in for me and mid and maxi-length skirts. Oversized clutches I’m also a fan of.

Five things every woman should have in her closet? A tailored blazer, a cardigan, a great pair of heels/ballet flats, jeans that make you look amazing, basic tees and a variety of accessories.

Five trends you wish would go away? Uggs, Uggs, Uggs, Uggs and Uggs with short skirts. A lot of people look cute when wearing knee boots with skirts, but Ugg boots with mini skirts is a no-no. Is it hot or is it cold? Can’t be both! I will admit that I own a pair of Uggs and I love them with leggings and a big comfy sweater. At one point I refused to buy them due to how ugly they are, but gave in once I realized how comfortable they were (lol). No Uggs and mini skirts for me!

If I gave you $500 to spend on any fashion related item(s), what would it be? Hmmm…I guess I’d put it toward buying any of the studded Christian Louboutin pumps or YSL heels. Or maybe some Miu Miu’s? I don’t know, that’s a tough one! I want way too much!

You wouldn’t be caught dead in? Gaucho pants, crocs or a waistbelt over a fitted shirt. I don’t understand any of them.

Who, if any, are your style icons? I love Zoe Saldana’s sweet and simple style, the Olsen twins for stepping/thinking outside of the box and Claire Huxtable! Every time I watch an episode of the Cosby Show I’m in awe of her style. It’s so funny to see how looks and trends from the 80’s have come back full circle.

You have an amazing blog! What inspires your outfit posts? How I’m feeling and the weather have to be the biggest factors. If I’m in a great mood and the sun is shining, I’ll probably wear bright colors and a flirty silhouette. If it’s pouring rain you better believe that I’m grabbing my Hunter boots instead of some cute sandals or heels. It also depends on what’s new to my closet. Everyone loves new clothes!

GStyle's Note: I absolutely love Cortnie! I think shes the nicest blogger I've met since joining the IFB community. Its even cooler that were both from the same area. I don't find many bloggers from the DMV (dc, Maryland, Virgina) I wish I knew more so we could a blogger meet up! Shes so fab and not only did I enjoy her answers but I really enjoy her blog. Check her out at


  1. Love it! Thank you!


  2. ha!! claire huxtable reference, you're right her style was on point. i am still partial to denise's style though it was so cool/quirky (kind of like lisa b.) nice interview.

  3. Love her! :) I agree with all of what Cortnie said she wouldn't be caught dead in. Nice interview!

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