Monday, July 11, 2011

There HERE!!!!!!!!

OK, so I'm very excited! My books have finally arrived!! If you read my blog you will see that I am a published Author. If your new to my blog, you now see that I'm a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!! lol I'm so excited! *does dougie*I spent the night signing books to deliver the next day to people that ordered at my church. Though it had been a long day and I was uber tired, it felt so good to sign my books. I loved seeing everyone's happiness in receiving them, and I'm anxious to hear the responses. I've worked so hard on this and the road has not been easy. But to the glory of God I'm here,published, with my book in my hands!

What is it about?

Charlie Walton has been misunderstood all of her life. Her choices to listen to 80s hip-hop, rock a half shaven haircut with eccentric clothes to match, and live a lifestyle pleasing to God are just a few things that set her apart from her peers; not to mention that she is plus-size and has the confidence to wear short-shorts. Despite the fact that no one appreciates her uniqueness, Charlie finds solace through her art, fashion and church youth group.

King Walker is the towns resident bad boy. Girls will stop at nothing to date him, and guys do everything they can to be in his posse. King was living the lifestyle of a rockstar until he got busted on drug charges.Fresh from juvie and now on probation, King is trying to re-adjust to life as a regular teen, including going to scool....something he always used to avoid.

King and Charlie's worlds collide when they have to be partners for an English assignment. Although they despise each other at first, they soon realize that they have more in common than previously thought. Not only do they develop a friendship, but also the kind of love that seems like it will last forever. However when their relationship is tested over and over again, will true love be enough to keep them together? Will they be able to break the strongholds and overcome the challenges of life? Only time will reveal their interesting twist of fate!

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