Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rip, Cut, Tear

Yes thats me in my casual chic outfit at Famous Daves lol I think Im going to be cutting alot more t-shirts this summer. I bought a whole bunch of graphic tee's( my fav) in the men's section and I plan on doing some cool stuff with them. I recently wore a Batman one with black leggings and ultra high converse to a baby shower. Not only do I love Batman but I love men's tees. The one in the pic is a Hanes. I cant tell you how many I have. If I was a dude I would stay in them and just invest in really nice denim and awesome boots. I prefer to buy my sleepwear from the mens department too. Blame it on my dad! lol After years of borrowing his boxers & t-shirts I went and collected my own inventory. I will never forget what my mom said to me when went shopping that day. "Ummm Gab, is there something you need to tell me?" Lmbo I guess she thought that was my way of saying I was gay and wanted to be dress like a dude. I didnt even know what she was talking about. "Huh Mom? What are you talking about?" Then I saw all the dudes looking at me uncomfortably as they were deciding whether it would be boxers or briefs. I guess I was alittle too cool chilling in their section. Then it hit me. "No mom! These are comfy and its a way better sale. 10 in a pack! See!" I shook the package and proceeded to stock up lol I'm always finding ways to make mens wear work for me. Ties, Vest-Gosh I went through a period where I wore a vest with EVERYTHING. I wore dudes cargo shorts too! lol That was my skater phase...good times. Speaking of mens wear, I have a really cool feature for you guys. A womens take on menswear! Stay tuned Lovahs- Gabby F.Baby

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