Friday, May 27, 2011

Partner Let Me Upgrade Ya

First we had Dope or Nope? Then we had the individual style feature. Now we have......Partner Let Me Upgrade Ya.

This feature is all about how to upgrade the opposites sex style. I think its really great to see how the other gender perceives you and how they would upgrade ya. I mean who better to ask than the persons eye your tryna catch?

I am really honored that Miss Kielle took time out of her ultra busy schedule to give me her view on Men’s style. Not only is she a gorgeous model and fashion designer, the girl can sing too! Impressive right? I felt like she was more than qualified to be the first featured on Partner Let Me Upgrade ya. She owns her own style and fellas she’s here to help you own yours too..

What should every guy have in their closet?

1. chukka boots
2. at least 1 pair of the following: Jordans, Sperrys, military boots, oxfords)
3. basics (ie. fitted black tees, white button up, black button up, black and white checkered button up, a plaid shirt)
4. a trench coat that falls right above the knee
5. denim button up
6. a tweed blazer
7. a leather jacket
8. a denim jacket
9. gray hooded sweatshirt
10. at least 1 pair of jeans w/ the following tint: (dark, light washed, black, navy blue, brown, tan, army green)
11. trousers
12. at least 3 of the following (ties [skinny, bow, or original], hats [any kind, not just fitteds], watches, sunglasses, scarves, belts)

Perfect First date outfit?
It always depends on the occasion & destination.
1. If you plan on going out to a nice dinner & a movie, keep it semi-casual. Maybe a tweed blazer, dark denim jeans, a checkered button up, contrasting tie & belt, chukka boots, and a nice watch would do the trick.
2. If you plan on going out somewhere where the two of you will be doing a lot of movement (somewhere like a basketball game or the batting cages), dressing casual is acceptable as long as it's not TOO casual. He can pull off the denim jacket layered on top of a hooded sweatshirt & a black v-neck with khaki boot cut or skinny jeans, and kicks.

Five things a guy should never wear?
1. Thongs (duhhhhhh)
2. Women's headbands (the ones that go over your head & also those that go around your head)
3. Women's rings
4. Thong flip flops (Just my personal opinion & pet peeve)
5. The combo of tight shirt & super baggy jeans (Ummm....just why??)

What look can any guy look good in?
Any guy (and MY studies show) can look good in a black fitted tee & some denim jeans. Granted that they're in shape (obviously if the shirt is "fitted"). *Bloggers Note* I soooo agree!

Perfect Grown & Sexy look?
2 words: "Birthday Suit". Lol!! I'm kidding. But I'd like to say black trench coat, solid colored button up, contrasting skinny tie & belt, boot cut trousers, and military boots.

A guy can turn your head wearing what outfit?
It really depends. A guy can have on some tight shoes & I'd turn my head..or even a nice jacket. Not every style works for every man so as long as he looks amazing in what he's wearing, I'd turn my head.

Do you believe in the man bag?
I do. Obviously, only those bags that are masculine.

Some style Icons that you think men could take a few pointers from and why?
1. Fonzworth Bentley- He shows that you can be tasteful and comfortable in semi-casual attire
2. Kanye West- He has an eclectic taste in apparel. But the thing that strikes me as interesting is that he has no fear in mixing styles together in one outfit
3. Andre 3000- Only for the risk takers of course. He's more of the Fonzworth & Kanye but maybe to the times infinity.
4. David Beckham- For those that enjoy the "simple is best" look. He always appears so clean cut & flawless but it's rare that I see too much color or excessive layering which ultimately works for him
5. Johnny Depp- He has a David Beckham to him with the simplistic but he brings grunge into the picture a bit with layering accessories

*Gabby's Note* I cant tell you ladies and gents how on point Kielle's answers were! This girla knows her stuff. You guys know how into fashion I am and how strongly I feel about Poseurs. I never feature anyone who I feel like is just faking. You have to truly have the style bug, and after reading this I'm sure we all know that Kielle does. =] To learn more about this Renaissance woman check out her site ---->

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