Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Taking my Shots, and eating them too

Up handling some bidness, awaiting for some new ideas to give birth. In the process I ran into that cake, which is odd because I was looking up stuff photography related. When I'm not being a fashion guru, soon to be author, and saving the world...I also am a aspiring photographer. I'm not official quite yet, I still have a lot to learn. But I'm managing pretty well on the knowledge I have right now. I've have some experience, mostly shooting events. I will be doing another football game this weekend. Though I know nothing about the sport, I get to support my bro's and get some experience with action shots. I did okay the first time around, which means these shots need to be even better. I plan on building my portfolio soon. I want to do more artistic things. I have a gig coming up!! I'm getting in some practice because I really want to make my clients happy. Which means I'll be having a camera in my face for the next week or two trying out new techniques. I cant wait to get a more advance camera, and a tripod! The blessings is that I'm artistic, so even if I'm not the best photographer all my photos have a different look. I also have a few skills in editing *praises Jesus* So though I don't want to mess up these shots, I'm ready to dive into the water. Whooosh

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