Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Converse and Givenchy Collab

*Wipes drool from mouth* Oh! Please excuse me for drooling at this beautiful creation. Known Fact about me: All I wear is chucks. low top, high top, I even have a couple of knee high chucks. They go awesome with really short shorts lol I really want a thigh high pair...tack? Ive always been in love with them. You can get them in ostrich leather, glitter, or any kind of design under the sun. I would honestly pay 100 dollars for a pair of amazing chucks over a pair of Jordans. *Kayne shrug* What sucks is as much as I want these babies on my feet, I'll never have a chance. Unless I catch a red eye to Japan. The kicks are available exclusively in Japan; they’ll hit Converse stores there, as well as Givenchy shop-in-shops at Mitsukoshi, Isetan, and Hankyu, on April 27.

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