Saturday, September 5, 2009

Anthony hamiltion-Point of it all

Am i the only one who hates change?.I feel like im still tryin to put together pieces that dont fit. im trying to hold on to the past which is gone. Dag im lookin forward to my future but i wish that you could steal some of the past n put it in the future.But im not God and i know he knows whats best.Its just sometimes its hard to deal with the present. Ive never been able to cope with letting things go...not at all. Maybe hes tryna grow me up from that.Im seriously haveing the peter pan complex and not tryna grow up.Being an adult is scary and changing what you knew you whole life to be is scarier. Esp since a HUGE part of mine was snatched from me.Dag I miss You sooo much. i wish you could relive the past for a bit longer. just rewind and live there for a second. I gotta except reality, but until then im still carrying around those puzzle pieces.
P.S- the song has nothin to do with my post.Im just in love with that song and cant stop playin

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