Friday, August 28, 2009

walk in your clouds

Again so ever amazed by God.I am sooo feeling him as my bff to the extreme power lol. But on the for real hes really been amazing 2 me.Ive really been trying to put forth a REAL effort in reading his word and walking in it. Trusting in his promises that he will give me my hearts desire and guess what....HE DID!!! man im feeling so blessed & i havent said that/felt that in a loooong time. yea i still have struggles and really hard ones at that. i may not have all the friends that i want to be there but God is showing me quality over quantity is best. Life is no where near perfect but im seeing some things really manifest.Im walking so much into my desitiny and so happy that im not where i thought i wanted to be.Im so happy that i can stand on my own and not be sooo needy and desperate like i see some people becoming.You feel like your missing it but really you're the stronger one.
But i digress......Ive been praying for things that have been problems for years.Some of those stunt my confidence in myself and my gifts.But after using those gifts this summer and esp after the gospel gogo performance im thinkin....Dag man with God on my side IM pretty frickin awsome. Ive been prayin on a job and it looks like i have a really good one for 6 weeks with great pay and great experience.I was blessed to get a BRAND NEW Singer sewing machiene(Like heaven).Im finically blessed and the best thing is not from material things.Its peace and understanding. Peace with how weird and cool he made me even if not many notice my worth.Understanding with where hes taking me.Its so awesome.I fought it not knowing there was a rainbow after the storm.Take the leap& walk in your cloud-GATSBY

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