Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ephinay#1 pitful or powerful,you cant be both

Wow God Just dropped this on me today and it was such revelation, a revelation i tend on grasping completely. im really at a point now where hes making me choose. i want so much sometimes to just be ordinary and ignore the unique gifts he put inside of me. Its hard for me to step out there and just do cuz i have such a high anxiety about whats gonna happen if i mess up.SATAN IS A BASTARD BABY!!! as my sister would say.He has me so stuck on fear for ye years that now realize that it gets you nowhere.Second Guessing yourself makes you mess up even more.I'm so tired of being like "if only i wasn't nervous i would've.." "if only i wasn't scared i would've...." NOW I'M READY TO JUMP OUT THERE FLAWS AND ALL, even if it means crashing.
THE TEST:I really love singing and ministering through song. Ive always wanted to be in a band but it never happened. then the door opened not only to be in a band but to also perform one of the tye tribbett songs i rearranged. I had my moment to step in and i flopped. Instead of being free and just singing i focused to much on my flaw which was pitch.I get even pitcher and self conscious as time grew.It was all so much pressure for me with other things that i dealt with that i had to take a break.=[ Now the chance has arrived again Today! Even though i haven't rehearsed the song in a while and was put on spot to sing it. the question came up to either be pitiful or powerful. I decided to be powerful and now i not only sound better but it feels soo natural. Im in pitch, i have volume and im more confident. TRULY GOD!
THE ANSWER: Stop letting Fear of People dictate things in your Life.God may bless you with something and you say you cant do it.AGAIN SATAN IS A BASTARD BABY. U already you have all the tools you need you just have to pick up the wrench and use them. im tired of watching others use there tools.Ive wipe the rust off and now i ready to fix cars and show the world what Gatsby is really about.Are you tired of being pitiful?Come on Guys and Dolls LETS BE POWERFUL!!

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