Monday, March 19, 2012

The Adventures of GStyle:Techno Withdrawl

I'm officially a bad baby lol I haven't blogged in a week but its only because I've been having computer issues! Here's what I've been up too while I've been computer less lol 

My hurrr is getting long enough to wear twist in an actual style. I usually hate twistouts and wearing my hair in a twisted state. Blame the Diana Ross in me, but I only like to be seen with my hair out and wild!  lol My sissy hooked me up and I found a way to make them cute! 

This bag has been my ride or die the past few weeks. I got this in a hospital gift shop years ago. Every time I carry it, it's always a conversational starter. People either find it really humorous or actually think  I love Botox. "Your too young for Botox." lol

A little know fact about me is that I am a cooking machine! Out of need for more variety and to stop eating out as much, I decided to be the chef over the family meals. Its pretty crazy how naturally good I am! I'm turning into a black Martha Stewart, with way better style of course.

My brown sugar glazed meatloaf is theee best! I only like meatloaf if it has a sweet sauce, I hate gravy.

My sister is the best! She took me too the circus! I felt like a kid again! It made me so reminisce of when she would take me when I was younger. The chick in front of me thought she would be able to keep this hat on the whole show, *laugh* I think not! 

On certain Sundays I teach the tweens at my church. We have awesome worship sessions and deep discussions. They make me laugh soo much, I always leave with stories! lol I also teach them Japanese! 

My mini apple pies are thee truth! Though its all mixed up in ice cream in this picture, its usually all cute and compact. One of my last devours before my church corporate fast. Ill be letting you know how its going.

-Fiercely Yours,Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie! Yu are such a doll!:*